NEW YORK: A NOVEL by Edward Rutherfurd

Over the years I have grown more impressed with the historical novels of Edward Rutherfurd. Beginning with SARUM years ago to the present novel, NEW YORK: A NOVEL I read the last page of each book with a feeling of satisfaction that I have just completed a remarkable blend of historical license and impeccable research. In his latest effort Rutherford presents another “Michneresque” type journey, this time through the history of New York City from the 17th through the 20th century. What drew me to the book was recently viewing the Martin Scorcese film “Gangs of New York.” The description of the draft riots in New York in 1863 during the Civil War were very poignant, but historically accurate. Through the descendants of the van Dyck and Master families the reader becomes engrossed in the important historical events that are explored in the narrative. Whether the main characters are confronted by the political machinations of Tammany Hall, the disastrous Triangle Shirt Waist Fire or economic catastrophe the reader becomes fully absorbed. Mr. Rutherfurd has become one of my favorite practitioners of historical fiction and I am thrilled that his latest effort, PARIS will be released next month.


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