STILL FOOLIN ‘EM by Billy Crystal

Ever since I saw When Harry Met Sally and City Slickers I have been a fan of Billy Crystal. Periodically he would pop up as the #1 fan of the New York Yankees thereby increasing his credibility with me. When I heard he had published a memoir, STILL FOOLIN ‘EM I knew it was a must read, I was not disappointed. Combining his wit, sarcasm, and knowledge of the human condition he has written a poignant autobiography that encompasses subtle political commentary, insights to his family and personality, and thoughts that we all have and usually are afraid to say. His Jewish upbringing, comments about his father, mother, and uncle allow the reader to enter Crystal’s inner world and since I have a similar background I found them funny and deeply personal. His friendships with numerous “show business” personalities lead to many hysterical reminiscences that show the humanity of many of his friends and well known “stars.” His relationship to the New York Yankees reflects well on the Steinbrenner family and the players he speaks of. At times I laughed, at times I shed tears as I read the book as it went by too quickly as I turned each page. If after the government “meltdown” we have just experienced you need a quick entertaining pick me up, Crystal delivers.

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