Adam Johnson has written a superb novel. The subject is the theater that is North Korea. Through the character of Pak Jun Do/Commander Ga the reader is taken on a journey through the depths of cynicism and horror that reside under the reign of Kim Jong IL. It is a political system were having oneโ€™s own identity is a crime against the state. Though this is a work of fiction it is a shocking portrayal of North Korean society and a grim reminder of what can happen in s country ruled by xenophobic megalomaniac who has scripted the everyday life of his people and has forced them into an existence of phony emotions and relationships. The author is able to integrate somewhat normal human interchange as he weaves his way through the travails of his characters. It is a riveting read and I would recommend it to Secretary of State Kerry as he tries to make rhyme or reason as to decision-making in Pyongyang.

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