I have been trying to hold my tongue when thinking about the coming election.  However, last night the egoist from Manhattan just went too far.  Having studied the Middle East for over 40 years I am fully aware of the errors that President Obama has made in dealing with Iraq and Syria, but too blame him for being the “founder” of ISIS reflects the total lack of historical knowledge that the egoist is guilty of.  Perhaps the narcissist should read a book or consult documents dealing with the Middle East.  Perhaps he might learn that ISIS morphed from al-Qaeda in Iraq.  Perhaps he would learn that Abu Musa al-Zarqawi began the process as early as 2005.  Perhaps he would learn that the Bush administration destabilized Iraq to the point of creating the vacuum that Iran and ISIS have filled.  Perhaps he would learn that Paul Bremer was incompetent.  Perhaps he would learn that “Debathization” was one of the worst decisions the Bush administration ever made.  Perhaps he would learn that many of ISIS’ officer corps and leaders rose from the Iraqi Sunni military population.  I could go on, but I know “perhaps” doesn’t apply to Mr. Trump, as well as historical fact.  I apologize in advance if this rant bothers some, but I do not “tweet” so this is my vehicle for political therapy.


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